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Tele Signal tech pvt ltd. The Ultimate name in the field of telecommunications providing the total signal solution with perfection. Guaranteed Signal.


GSM-2G-3G-4G Mobile Signal Solution- Boost your Signal- Power your Productivity

Get full uninterrupted Strong Mobile Signal at your Office/Home/Towers/Apartments/Parking Basements /Remote Areas/Hill Stations/  Sea sides/Riggs  /Ships ……..Anywhere….Everywhere…..

Be Reachable to Everyone,Always- No Call Drop-No Missed Call-Guaranteed Signal or No money

Today’s business environment demands immediate communications and more than ever people utilize a wireless device to do so.Communications between coworkers, customers and vendors is critical to success.

W e are dedicated to provide cost effective solutions for cellular reception problems experienced by individuals who use different technologies around the world.

Our line of Network Amplifiers, Boosters and Repeaters, have been providing governmental, defense agencies, corporations, telecom service providers and individuals a sure and secure signal for all their voice and data applications.

Our products, which are available for almost every cellular network, (CDMA, GSM,3G,4G-Voice and Data both) are being applied to Mobile Phones, W ireless Modems, Cell Socket setups, PDA’s, Apple iPhone and many other voice and wireless data transfer devices.

Our solutions are based on all the testing, (former & continued) customer data and research we have been compiling for some time now.

If you are experiencing any problems with poor cellular or data reception, no matter where you are located in the world, please do not hesitate to contact us or email us, to provide you a cost effective solution or answer any questions you may have regarding improved cellular reception.As business simultaneously becomes more reliant on wireless service for mobility and interconnectedness, many businesses are finding their place of work can make business communication an issue.

We can optimize wireless coverage indoors for commercial buildings, public venues, hotels, airports, exhibition halls.With facilities designed to meet the highest safety and energy efficiency standards, the materials that make your workplace safe and energy efficient can impair the wireless signal you depend on to communicate.

Our Vision: SPECIALISED IN GIVING SIGNAL SOLUTION (GSM/3G/4G Voice and Data both)We have a very clear vision and set of goals.Founded in 2007.We work hard to achieve the goals set and to make it broader & better with every passing day with our Sales & Services Upto clients satisfaction.We are Professional company in Planning,Designing & Installation of SIGNAL Solutions of Residential Complex,Apartments, Hotels,Business Centers,Malls,Corporates & Govt Sectors.We have dedicated after sales service team with highly qualified experienced Engineers,Technicians who attend on clients call basis even after Project completion.Clients service satisfaction is utmost important for us.

Note:We do sell MOBILE SIGNAL JAMMERS [Blocks All Signals voice & data in that premises}

Our Team: We have a strong team of experts and professionals serving in a wide range of capacities.We have hired top SIGNAL EXPERT Engineers,Technicians,Supervisors along with Cabling team .

Our Commitment: To Execute Projects at Highest quality-On Schedule & Within budget.

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